AS 220.R2, analytical balance, RADWAG


Balance of the AS X2 PLUS series is an advanced analytical weighing device of the SYNERGY LAB line. The AS X2 PLUS is exceptional due to a range of modern constructional and system solutions that guarantee reliability, precision and accuracy of measurement, and make everyday operation easy.

Ergonomic Mechanical Design

The latest AS X2 PLUS analytical balance features spacious weighing chamber, and the open-door clearance facilitates easy access to the weighing pan. With this it is possible to use laboratory glassware of various sizes. New aluminium base is a guarantee for weighing system stability.

Dual-CLICK system allows tool-free assembly and disassembly of the weighing chamber, and a special design of guides for weighing chamber panes (no rims) makes keeping the device clean convenient.

Innovative construction solutions increase balance durability and reliability in long-term operation.

LevelSENSING System

The in-built sensors measure tilt, and display graphic message on the weighing device screen. In accordance with GLP and GMP, the LevelSENSING system simplifies the adjustment, ensures an ongoing control of the level and informs about deviations.

Levelling operation is now simplified and easier due to the reduced quantity of adjustable supporting points (2 points).

Internal Adjustment

Modernized internal adjustment system guarantees accurate indications in extremely unfavourable conditions.

Elimination of Electrostatics Influence onto the Weighing Result

The weighing result is very much affected by electrostatic charges accumulated in the sample, laboratory vessels and other accessories. Special antistatic pane coating guarantees compensation of all the charges.

*Antistatic coating has been applied in balances with the readability of d=0.01 mg


The data is registered in 5 databases:

users (up to 10 users),

products (up to 1000 products),

weighments (up to 1000 weighs),

tares (up to 10 tares),

ALIBI memory (up to 100 000 weighments).

There is two-direction data exchange within the system thanks to a quick USB interface. New balance allows to import and export databases using USB pen drives.


Maximum capacity [Max]

220 g

Minimum load

10 mg

Readability [d]

0,1 mg

Tare range

-220 g


0,1 mg


±0,2 mg

Sensitivity drift

1 ppm/°C in temperature +10 ° - +40 °C 

Minimum weight (USP)

200 mg

Minimum weight (U=1%,k=2)

20 mg

Stabilization time

3,5 s


internal (automatic) 


LCD (backlit) 

Power supply

12 ÷ 16 V DC 

Operating temperature

+10 ° - +40 °C 

Weighing pan dimensions

ø 100 mm

Net weight

5,3 kg

Gross weight

7,3 kg

Packaging dimensions

495×400×515 mm

Communication interface

2×RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Wireless Connection (option) 

Analytical balances
Maximal capacity 200 g
Readout (d) 0,1 mg.
Verification yes
verification value (e) 1 mg.
Repeatability 0,07 mg
Linearity +/- 0,2 mg
Calibration Automatic internal
Weighing pan ø 100 mm
Warranty (years) 2 years

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AS 220.R2, analytical balance, RADWAG


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