About Us

UAB "Gerdus" started it's activities seven years ago. Up to this moment we strive for excellence within customers relationship and product quality.

Our company is able to provide You with precise measurement tools such as scales, moisture analyzers, medical equipment, ph-meters and many others. We have established good relationships with both- big suppliers and small clients.

We are able to offer you the best products for competitive price. When asked for specific product- we firstly analyze Your needs, expectations and only then we offer products matching Your needs. We do consider everything, for example: price boundaries, precision needed, quality required. 

We are able to rent scales for short to long term, for the period of time, till Your order arrives or if Your equipment broke down.

If you are in need of laboratory furniture - we can make it from the scratch, we can make a project for your lab or part of it.

UAB "Gerdus" is always ready to help Your needs, contact us and we will start beautiful relationship.