Sieves Glenammer

Sieves Glenammer

At Glenammer Engineering's manufacturing facility based on the West Coast of Scotland, dedicated team continues to produce and develop the finest test sieves to suit the exacting requirements of our customers.

Quality product, attention to detail and competitive prices have led to an increase in demand for our test sieves in the U.K. and world wide. We are able to provide You with needed items in short period of time, thus  Glenammer maintains a large stock which enables us to provide an efficient, fast turn around of all customer orders.

Glenammer Test sieves are produced to comply with the specifications set out by the worlds most demanding Standards: B.S. 410 / I.S.O. 3310 parts 1 & 2 and

A.S.T.M: E.11 amongst others.

Prior to leaving our quality assurance department each test sieve is carefully packaged along with a Certificate of Conformity and Record Card, both bearing the serial number found on the test sieve label providing traceability.

Glenammer can provide You with sieves from 100 mm up to  450 mm. 

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Glenammer accessories

Durable stainless steel sieve lid and receiver are available for all diameter sieves.Glenammer also offers double ended brushes for sieve cleaning. These prevent surface damage meaning the sieves remain in good condition for longer...

Grain Sieves for Cereals and Tobacco

Glenammer Grain Sieves for Cereals and Tobacco manufactured to I.S.O. 5223 Stainless Steel Bodies and Plates200 Diameter, Other diameters available on requests. Slot dimensions: 1.00 mm x 20.00 mm 1.70 mm x 20.00 mm ..

Laboratory Grid Sieves

Grid sieves for determination of particle shape flakiness index of aggregates are suitable for hand sieving. They are manufactured using a powder coated steel frames and stainless steel rods and comply fully with EN9333-3:2012  Sieve siz..

Laboratory sieve: Perforated Plate Round or Square Hole

Glenammer Stainless Steel Body, Mild Steel Perforated Plate Round or Square Hole.Plausible diameters of sieves:   Aperture Sizes: Diameter :     200 mm ..

Woven wire, laboratory sieve

Glenammer woven wire test sieves are all manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel.They comply with these international standards:B.S.410:/I.S.O 3310:2016 Parts 1 & 2 A.S.T.M. E11 Sieves Aperture Size 100 mm 1..