Platform scales

Platform scales

Platform scales - the all-rounder in industrial scales

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CAS PB-150

Description: · Maximum weight - 150 kg· Readability- 20/50 g· The size of the platform is 355 x 443 mm· Parameters - 355 x 611 x 65 mm· Weight - 6.2 kg· Illuminated LCD display;· External calibration;· RS-232 interface;· Portable type;· Automati..

Hand-cart/barrow scale type: KPZ 601

This hand trolley is designed to ease transportation work and process of weighing transported products.Robust steel structure with 200 x 370 weighing platform. The padded, rubber lift truck tires will make it easy to use the machine. Persistent mater..

Luggage scales

        Gone are the good old days when you paid a ticket and you could bring any luggage weight. Today companies offer cheap tickets but then make every effort to recover the money by charging even 10 or 20 Euro per Kg to th..

pallet scales PA-600/1500/3000 , platform

Specifications : 4 pcs. Steel weight sensors• The maximum weight of 300 kg, 600 kg and 1500 kg, or 3000.• scale interval of 100 g, 200 g, 500 g or 1 kg• can be done by double weighing range• Platform dimensions 1200 x 1500 x 100 mm• Platform dim..

Pallet scales, U form

"U" form pallet scales are made to weight loads on pallets or other heavy, massive loads.Load can be put on scales with loading cart.Indicator comes with a long cable, thus it can be placed further away from the scales.Scales can be made from various..

Platform and hook, 2 in 1

BM - stainless steel wall platform, double weighing system. Hanging the different pieces  on the hook or platform .Small pieces can be weighed with no need of folding the plate while the big pieces need folding the plate. Weighing by putting..

Platform scales, PA 30 -60 -150

The maximum weighing bar is 30, 60 or 150 kg· Readability (d) - 10, 20 or 50 g· Weighing platform size - 400 x 500 mm· Scales made of steel, powder coated· Complies with all requirements of EU verification · 24 mm illuminated LCD display· Intern..

Platform scales, PA-150/300

Description:• Maximum weighing range is 150 or 300 kg• Readability (d) - 50 or 100 g• Weighing platform size - 600 x 600 mm • Scales made of steel, powder coated• Complies with all requirements of EU legislation• 24-mm illuminated LCD display• I..

PM C32 High capacity and accuracy balances

PM series balances are equipped with an innovative measuring system based on RADWAG MonoBLOCK™ technology. This enables operation with readability of 0.01g at capacity of 15kg, and with readability of 0.1g at capacity of 50 kg.Use of the new meas..

Ramp scales with stainless steel platform

Stainless steel platform scales with ramps.Ramp scales with stainless steel load cells is widely applied in meat, fish, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry. Such scales can be widely used in all industries due to its small height, construc..

Stainless steel platform scales, 3T

Platform scales, made out of stainless steel, equipped with IP67 protection from dust and moisture.Materials used in manufacturing of scales, anti-oxidation qualities and IP class allows usage of scales in areas, where Good Manufacturing Pr..

WPY.F1.R, platform scales ,RADWAG

WPY/KTP is equipped with modules that put packed products control into practice. The module is supported by database containing products and operators lists. A control started by the scale is automatically stopped after controlling pre-defined quanti..