Grain and seed moisture meters

Grain and seed moisture meters

Products meant for moisture determination in various grains and seeds. 

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Grain / seeds moisture meter Wile 78

Wile 78 moisture meter for grain and seeds.This is the most user friendly moisture meter that Wile have produced. With a built in grinder this unit is ideal for those farmers & growers who like measuring with a ground sample. Features:- Impr..

Moisture meter for grain and seed, Wile 55

Very precise moisture meter for grain and seed moisture determination. Specifications: Precision hygrometer with digital display for whole grains- The measured values can be read directly for the 16 most frequent crop plants and seeds- Temp..


The portable grain moisture meter with built-in grinder  The Superpro is a high performance moisture meter used in the field to determine when to begin harvesting. If the grain is harvested wetter than necessary, it will result in extra drying c..