Thermometers - devices for measuring temperature. Various different types : from a digital thermometer with a small LCD display with long service life maintenance battery , to food thermometers with stainless steel pick allowing to measure the needed temperature of food in production , from thermometers for freezer handling from -30 degrees  or up to +30 degrees heat , tor liquid thermometers with Celsius and Fahrenheit scales and waterproof thermometers by accuracy of  + -1 degree.

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CaterTemp food thermometer

CaterTemp catering thermometer with a probe The thermometer is created for the sole purpose of measuring the temperature of the food substances. The probe has coiled cord (1 meter) with which You will be able to reach any product with ease...

Digital food thermometer from -39,9 to +149,9°C;

The water resistant Gourmet folding probe thermometer is an easy to use food thermometer, ideal for monitoring cooking, cooling and food holding temperatures as part of HACCP and health and safety procedures. The unit measures temperature over the ra..

Digital thermometer -50 IKI +300°C

Digital thermometer  -50 IKI +300°CFeatures:Temperature measurement;Auto shut-down after 45 minErrors displayMeasurement units selection (oC; oF)Additional information:Measured temperature: -50 C~+300 C(-58 F~+572 F)Readability: 0.1oAccurac..

ETI Superfast Thermapen thermometer -49,9 to +299,9 °C

ETI Superfast Thermapen thermometerThe Thermapen® - the world's favorite kitchen thermometer now has a new look, improved design and additional features.Over 50% faster than traditional probes, reaches temperature in just 3 seconds, water resistant c..

Fridge/Freezer thermometer 803-050

Fridge/Freezer thermometer 803-050Specifications:Made out of ABS plasticsEasy to readMeasurement from -30 to +40oCThermometers size  53 x 130 mmUnit can be hung or placed standingWarranty for 12 months  ..


Hygrometer-psychrometer The device uses two thermometers (dry, moisture) and datasheet for the determination of the ambient moisture content. The dry thermometer shows real temperature, as it is. The dry thermometer usually shows lower..

Liquid thermometer from -30 to+30°C with legal metrology

Liquid thermometer from -30 to+30°C with legal metrology, valid for 5 yearsTechnical data:Range: From -30 to +30°CReadability: 1,0 °C;Lenght: 150 mmDiameter: 10 mm..

Multi-function thermometer

Multi-function thermometer Technical specifications:Measurement from -49,9  to +149,9°C;Readability: 0,1°C;Accuracy:  ± 1º C;Power supply: AAA battery or 1,5V analogue;Working period on battery: 5000 h;LCD monitor;Sensor type..

Refrigerator/ freezer thermometer -20 to +70°C with valid metrology

Refrigerator/ freezer thermometer -20 to +70°C with valid metrologyTechnical data:Readability- 1,0 °Clength – 205 mmWidth – 10 mmLiquid material – spiritRange: from -20°C to +70°CWith valid metrology for 5 years..

ThermaCheck food thermometer with a probe

ThermaCheck food thermometer with a probeThe ThermaCheck handheld thermistor thermometer has been specifically designed for use in the catering and food processing industries to cope with routine day-to-day usage.The ThermaCheck measures te..