Gerdus, UAB are an authorised distributor for Radwag products in the Lithuania
XA 52.5Y.A Analytical Balance New
Do you need a balance that not only determines weight with impressive accuracy, but also performs a ..

PMV 50.5Y Moisture Analyzer New
PMV 50.5Y moisture analyzer is an advanced solution for measurement of moisture content of..

The HY 10 terminal’s housing and base are both made of stainless steel. All the HY10 connectors are ..

PM series balances are equipped with an innovative measuring system based on RADWAG MonoBLOCK™ tec..

AS 3100.X2 PLUS Analytical Balance New
Maximum capacity [Max] 3.1 kgReadability [d] 1 mgStandard repeatabilit..

This high performance economy microprocessor-based pH/ORP/Temp Bench meter is an ideal tool in schoo..

Mi150 is an advanced pH/Temp microprocessor-based bench meter. It is ideal for students and technici..